Pi-Property Insurance

Pi-Property Insurance is a unique product specifically tailored to meet the needs of property managers, property investors and their landlord clients.

The business was developed as a result of property managers and owners requesting a scheme that recognised the unique circumstances of their property portfolios.

We offer a groundbreaking insurance solution that takes the traditional strengths of portfolio managers and combines them with unparalleled cover and a sophisticated online delivery system.

Our Chartered Status shows us to be one of a select group of insurance professionals and we would urge you to discover more about how this can benefit you elsewhere on the website. Professionalism is everything when protecting you against the many financial and physical risks that can face you and your property portfolio. Why would you entrust such a valuable asset with anyone else?

Click here to watch a video made by the British Insurance Brokers' Association to learn about the role of the insurance broker.


Pi-Property is one of
the most innovative
solutions in the area
of property

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Complete property
insurance package

Property insurance
specifically designed for
property managers and
their landlord

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Our reputation
precedes us

Find out how Pi-Property
Insurance provide 
tailored insurance for 

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The next generation of
products for

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With the increase of announcements by leading brands who are reporting faults within their products, it’s not a surprise that millions of households throughout the UK are thought to be affected. We look at some ways to mitigate potential loss... ...

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